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Benefits over Franchising

Whilst Franchising route to starting up a new business is certainly an attractive idea as the Franchisor would have hopefully perfected their concept; however, the Franchise route may not be suited to everyone for a number of reasons:-

A) Franchising often requires a much larger amount of capital to start off with which may be well  out of the reach of many.

B) Franchises often have territories, which whilst appearing attractive in that no one else can come in start a similar business from the same company, it does have a fundamental drawback in that you are restricted from venturing out further afield.

C) When you buy a Franchise, you have to pay Royalties (Commission) on your profit to the Franchisor and that of course eats into your profit.

D) Often, you are also tied to purchasing products and materials from the Franchisor, which means that you re unable to shop around for the best deals.

With our business opportunities, you will have none of the above to worry about as you will be free to trade anywhere you like, with no Royalties payable and you are not tied to us anyway whatsoever!